Garage Management System


Wheels developed by the Dotcom Systems is a scalable and flexible application that can be used to monitor or track all garage activities. Wheels is very simple, easy to learn and has user-friendly screens.

Wheels software is a ready to use software package designed to meet the automation of an Auto Garage. This software provides the owner of an Auto Garage with an easy solution for automating the various phases – like vehicle registration at the garage, cataloguing various services done of the vehicle, tabulating the costs on services and spares and keeping track of the payments and other financial information - of vehicle management. Wheels is integrated with the PALM ERP application.

Wheels is loaded with a large number of powerful analytical reports, which enables the Garage owner to have a crystal clear picture about the total Garage business he is running. Reports packed in to this software range from informative reports like employee listings, vehicle listings, customer listings etc. to Analytical tools like Financial Reports, Income – Expense Report, Payable – Receivable Reports etc. Operational Reports like Job Reports, Job History, Job Sheets, Job Cards, Estimates, Stock Levels, and Purchases etc. are also packed in to this Functionality.

Wheels have been successfully implemented in all NTDE garages.


  • Maintains list of spare parts stock available in garage.
  • Stores contact details of Vehicle Manufacturers & Vehicle owners.
  • Maintains contact details of 3rd party garages & Suppliers.
  • Accessories attached to the vehicle (e.g.: freezer, chiller, salik, etc.)
  • Provides detailed history of jobs done in garage (e.g.: costs incurred, man hours, etc.)
  • Stores contact details of Vehicle owners.
  • Tracking jobs(Pending, Finished or Cancelled)
  • Maintains list of Employees and their Designation.
  • Tracking expiry details of Vehicles (e.g.: Registration, Insurance, Salik, Petrol card, etc.)
  • Vehicle key management tracks vehicles IN and OUT activity.
  • Tracking repair estimation, repair time & scheduling vehicle service.
  • Vehicle service history report.