Coffee shop and Restaurant POS


La Cuisine POS system is a powerful integrated and configurable web-based system offering a complete control over its retail operations. The rich and flexible functionality helps in reducing the complexity of operations, thereby minimizing the cost and increasing the profits.

The core components of the POS system include:

The La-Cuisine Application: The La-Cuisine application accommodates both the head-office and shop outlets. At the head office, it provides a centralized management solution for all the shops and a common reporting point as a useful and powerful analytical tool. In the shops, it caters to its reporting needs and helps in completing the daily managerial tasks quickly and efficiently.

Main Features for Head-Office Module:
  • Web based reporting and management module to work at different levels of permission for different users and locations
  • Product management to ease the creation of new items, recipes, and menus
  • Flexible way of defining the inventory measurement and ordering units to enable seamless integration with the ERP system
  • Setting up of seasonal or other promotions to one or more shops to boost sales and configuring various parameters for the discounts to work as a very flexible discount handling module in the POS system
  • Access to all sales, inventory and promotional data of all locations to help in fast and effective decision making
  • Dashboard for a visual representation of enterprise-wide data for effective monitoring
  • Creation of new users, employees and setting up permissions for all
  • Daily synchronization of data to and from all the shop to provide real time management
  • Setting up different price lists for different locations as per the business needs
Main Features for Shop-Wise Module:
  • Analysis of the current stock levels to manage the supplies, to create purchase requisition requests from different suppliers, as well as to transfer stock across locations
  • Creation of stock receipt requests for direct updating of inventory stock levels
  • Monitoring of sales, cash and promotional details at point of sale
  • Creation of stock adjustment requests to handle any stock level discrepancies
  • Adjustment reports to analyze stock variations
  • Simple way of handling the change in shifts and perform the day closing operations
  • Setting up system level permissions to customize different machines to suit the specific needs of the shop, to handle the customer inflow effectively and to reduce the customer wait times

The Point-Of-Sale system: The POS offers a rich multi-user interface to do the data capture and sales processing, enhancing the in-store employee and customer experience across every location.

Main Features:
  • Web based interface, supporting multiple users across a location
  • Shared network environment for every location to enable easy configuration of systems, printers and other peripheral devices
  • Easy to use and learn, thereby letting the users focus more on customer experience
  • Setting up of dine-in and takeaway in same or different systems
  • Allowing modification of the flavors in recipes by editing individual recipes, all based on a pre-defined configuration
  • Allowing managers to void complete or partial invoices after taking the order
  • Configurable discount module to provide discounts on the complete invoice or just on few items
  • Configurable discount applicability to enable default discounts for faster entry of invoices, discount overriding based on permissions and applicability
  • Flexible cash management module to support different currencies and different modes of payment like cash, card, credit; to manage tips received from customer and to accumulate points on supplementary cards for the customer based on his spending
  • Easy join and split module to handle all needs of the customers including moving between tables, sharing of invoices, splitting order and splitting payment between customers
  • Configurable printing settings for different menu items to let different zones in the shop process orders specific to them
  • Direct printing from POS to kitchen printer showing any variations in the recipe from the original