Laundry Management Solution


Spotless is a laundry management solution which is used at the retail shop. This is a customized solution which incorporates programmable keyboard for various operations. It manages daily sales, cash collection, customer information, discounts etc. This solution is configured for different types of laundry services.

Spotless is the best way to manage your dry cleaning and laundry business. It has been adopted by leading dry cleaner in the Middle East and is used for more than just a Point of Sale (POS) system. It enables complete automation of the business operations & management and assist in marketing and strategic decision making based on smart reporting. It provides different types of reports for various operations. Some of the reports are:

  • Manager's Daily report - This report will give a summary of the daily outlet sales, including the Total sales, the amount paid in cash and amount paid by credit card.
  • Incoming Report - This report gives a list of the invoices created in the outlets including the customer details and date
  • Production Report - This is an item wise report showing the item wise amount for each invoice
  • Cash Drawer Report - Report with the paid invoice details including the invoice number and amount
  • Cash Outstanding report - This report is to give an idea of the outstanding invoices and the outstanding amount to be paid by the customers
  • Invoice Change Report - This report will give the details if any invoice has been edited. The reasons captured during the editing will be displayed along with who edited and date
  • Inventory Report - This report will give an idea on the inventories across the outlet.
  • Delivery Report - This will give the list of the delivered invoices.


  • Secure Login
  • Full Laundry Services
  • Staff Attendance log.
  • Maintain Customer Details.
  • Different Services like (Dry-Cleaning, Laundry, Press etc.).
  • Different types of promotions.
  • Option to make payment for multiple invoices.
  • Multiple payment options such as cash, card, cheque or both
  • Option to track different cash back promotional cards.
  • Option to enter charity services details.
  • Option to give compensations.
  • Option to manage loyalty cards
  • Simple but data focused Reports on Sales